Subject: Hello from an "old" member
Hi, Ziners -

I've just turned my Zine mail back on yesterday, after having it off for the last 10 months. Since I've been off so long, I guess I should re-introduce myself.

I'm Canadian, originally from Montreal, now living in Ottawa, since July 2002. Prior to that, my husband and I spent 3 years in Mexico City, working at the Canadian Embassy. I met my (Canadian) husband in Rome, where I lived for 17 years.

I've been a Ziner since the day it started, and have been lucky enough to meet up on many occasions with Linda &her husband Don.

I work for the Canadian government in Consular Affairs, providing assistance to Canadians abroad in distress, and information on travel abroad to Canadians within Canada. To the Canadian Ziners, check out the government's travel site at There is a lot of very useful info. Click on Country Travel Reports to find individual reports for general travel-related information for each country, including entry requirements, safety and health concerns, phoning home, etc. Check out also the Current Issues (Country Travel Reports --> Heads-Up).

Did you know you can register with the Canadian Embassy when you go abroad? This service is provided in case there is a need to contact you to offer urgent advice during a natural disaster or civil unrest, or for a family emergency at home. (The registration is voluntary and free of charge. Personal information that you provide is protected and used in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act.)

Based on my experiences in Consular Affairs, what is the one most important piece of advice I could offer? Make sure you have full medical coverage when you travel abroad, regardless of your age!

Now I'm looking forward to my first gtg in a long time, right here in Ottawa!!

Laurie in Ottawa