Subject: Re: Lesser known sights near your home town
Hi Paul,

These aren't necessarily my hometown (military family - we move a lot), but some of the places I've been...surprise, surprise, they're mostly all related to food!!

In Mandeville, Louisiana, on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain, about 45 minutes north of New Orleans, is a restaurant called Mande's. A good friend of mine worked there while we lived there, and it has the best breakfast on the north shore, hands down. Very reasonable prices as well. If you are ever driving through Louisiana, and you're in that area for breakfast or early lunch (they do not serve dinner), I highly recommend it.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we would christen new freshmen by taking them to Raisin' Canes, a restaurant that serves chicken fingers, french fries, texas toast, and coleslaw in a Canes Box with canes sauce. The restaurant started out as a project in an LSU business class, and the professor liked it so much, a friend of his financed the first store. Now I think there are 3 or 4 around town (maybe more), and it is an after-LSU football game tradition. And when it Baton Rouge, stop by to see Mike the Tiger, LSU's mascot. He's always out in his cage by the stadium.

In Nashville, one of my all-time favorite restauarants is the Noshville Delicatessan, The Nosh to the locals. The only place in Nashville where you can get matza brie, REAL bagels, lox/nova, corned beef hash, etc. A true New York delicatessan right in downtown Nashville. They even have a pickle bar!

I have yet to find anything for the locals in the Biloxi area (I've only been here for two months), but I will share as soon as I do. :)

Courtney Proud Navy Wife Biloxi, MS