Subject: Re: Interest on Visa/Mastercard used abroad
Hello Ziners, I found this out the day before my recent two week trip. I had called the credit card company months before to check on any additional fees and was told there were none. Well, the day before I left I received my latest statement where I had charged some train tickets (in Euros) and an additional 2% fee had been added. I called my other card (Chase) and was told they charged 3% (Visa charges 1% and they charge 2%). I tried to have it waived but no luck! Just used my First USA card since it was a 2% charge. I actually used my ATM card to withdraw cash and tried to pay with that as much as possible. Only used the card for bigger expenses.

Had a great time on our trip - will share stories and pictures as soon as I get them online! Jennie in Atlanta