Subject: Re: South Lake Tahoe
Hey Vanessa,

I'm not familiar with Southern Utah, but it seems like a lot of driving from Phoenix to Utah and all the way back across Nevada to Tahoe. We spend time in Tahoe every year (my in-laws second home is there) and have gone sightseeing around the lake and between Reno and Carson City, and south in California around Mammoth and Mono lakes. You could spend the entire week seeing things driving up from Phoenix and back between there and Tahoe and around Tahoe. In my opinion, it is a long, boring drive across parts of Nevada. If you are limited to 7 days, I'd hate to see you spending 4 of them driving!

I must admit I'm biased. Tahoe is a lovely area. There is nothing more relaxing than having breakfast under the pine trees on a sunny day, listening to the birds and squirrels in the morining, or sitting by the lake reading a good book looking at the snow capped mountains, diving into the lake to cool off when the need arises....

Just my thoughts, Kristy S.F.