Subject: Train travel from Rome to Monterosso
Hello Ziners:

I hesitate booking my train tickets because I just don't feel I'm doing something correctly. I've done as much research as I can, but I'm still confused.

My husband and I will be in Rome beginning September 6, 2003. We will want to take the fastest train from there to Monterosso on September 10, 2003, traveling first class.

Should I book my tickets now and get a seat reservation in another month (60 days before our travel) or am I better to just deal with it when we get to Rome, since we will have a few days. If I should do it from here, is there a good website to use? I was on Railpass today.

I am looking for cost savings, but I also do want to make sure I get the train I need, non-smoking and don't waste a chunk of our time in Rome.

Thank you very much for all your help.