Subject: Re: Train travel from Rome to Monterosso
Dear Tiffany:

Unless one of our Italian contributors says differently, I recommend buying your tix there. I wouldn't even go to the station til trip day--unless you just want to. September 10 is a Wednesday at the start of shoulder season--I can't imagine there being much crowding? Further, based on the schedules, I see trains headed to the Cinque Terre throughout the day. That is reassuring--you should be able to catch a train without a problem--plus, the number of options gives you some flexibility in deciding what part of your day you want to devote to the trip, as the transfer will take 5+ hours. (I prefer the German search engine for user friendliness -- Then, I go to the railway of the country of choice, here and duplicate the search. I would take the printout of the schedule with me to show the ticket agent my choice in the event of a communication problem. Of course, you will be able to pick up a written schedule at the station, too.)

Non-smoking cars are marked on the exterior with the universal no symbol over a cigarette.

There is little distinction between 1st and 2nd class--especially for a day train. I, personally, wouldn't spend the money if it meant my travel budget was impacted by it.

Have fun! Monterroso is a lovely place. Here are a few shots from our 1998 foray to the Cinque Terre.

Diana Ball near Houston, TX