Subject: Re: Success! Re: companion ticket
Dear Russell and Ziners,

So glad your time and effort paid off! You set a good example in more ways than one.

To add my two cents to the topic, the main thing I don't like about anyone trading points or miles for a paper certificate is that once you trade in the points, you may not be able to get what you wanted.

I can't tell you how many times someone would call me and, at the time they called, the flights they wanted would be avaiblable. Then a few days or weeks later when they had the certificate (cert) in hand the flights were no longer available. With a paper cert the seats (or flights) cannot be held until AFTER you have the cert because you have to turn in or mail the cert before close of business the very next day.

It will be nice when, someday, you could go online to an AMEX website and get a pin code of some sort and then give that pin code to the airline as your cert. Then everything could be done online and/or over the phone in a matter of minutes. I know this is possible because that is what Continental Airlines uses for their Electronic Travel Certs (ETC) when someone chooses to be bumped from a flight or whose luggage is damaged, etc. (pun intended - bad attempt). With the appropriate pin code a specific dollar amount is taken off the cost of an airline ticket for that person or anyone they designate.

Think you have a lot of various pin codes now? Just wait, as we become increasingly paperless as a society you will have more and more pin codes to keep up with. Now if I could just FIND my palm pilot??

Gregory in Houston