Subject: Re: Best use of frequent flyer points

Great idea....but!! I've never been able to use points for last minute flights. The airlines only allocate (at least Star Alliance Carriers) a set number of seats/flight for points (miles) redemption. Frankly, to me this is ridiculous, since these points/miles show up on their balance debt! However, sadly, it means that for a certain flight which is only half sold, if the number of seats allotted for points redemption have been're out of luck.

I've tried to book flights on points with Star Alliance (actually 2 seats since my wife and I like to vacation together!!), and for flights from Toronto to Italy (Rome or Milan) for next April...we can't do it, all aeroplan seats have been allocated up until Sept of 2004 apparently...and yet Air Canada is under bankruptcy protection because they have so much debt...well if they'd actually let people use their points...some of that debt might go away!

Sorry for the rant...but if there are any airline execs (or accountants!!) lurking on this might want to reconsider your fiscal management as it pertains to points.

John Wiernikowski Hamilton, ON CANADA