Subject: Re: Best use of frequent flyer points
Hi Ziners,

I definitely agree with Gregory on the last-minute-travel deal for use of FF miles. That's how we use our miles and usually have no problem with booking.

One stroke of luck: I was on the phone with a very helpful person from Northwest trying to book a flight from NY to San Francisco for a funeral. I had a lot of miles cached, so I asked her for 2 first class seats at 50k each. She told me all the first class award seats were used up. However, she could book us in coach at 25k apiece, and because I was a 50k Worldperks member at the time, she could upgrade us to first class right then and there. Go figure!

I think FF miles are also good for upgrading long flights. When we go overseas, we try to by a cheap flight and upgrade with miles. This is especially true for the return flight when we fly overnight and I have to get off the plane to go right into work.

Carrie, in Bardonia, NY