Subject: gadgets questions
Dear Ziners,

Thanks in advance for your patience. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, we are leaving for paris on Monday, and I'm taking my Treo 270, my new digital Elph camera (so cute!) and my Apple Ipod.

The converter plugs I've ordered from Apple aren't here yet, but now I wonder about the current. Can I plug all these expensive hardware into French plugs with an adapter, or do I need a currency converter? I purchased one, but it clearly states on the side not to use it with any electronics containing circuits, like VCRs. What does everyone else do?

As to previous advice, I did get an extra camera battery and the charger was included with the kit. I'm picking up a media reader this weekend. I thought I was all organized, zut alors!

Thanks again for your patience and your help.

Elizabeth, in Chicago