Subject: Re: gadgets questions
Hi all, especially Elizabeth,

We got back a couple of weeks ago from our annual trip to Italy. I have been tied up on a couple of projects at work, but I was starting to write up our experience when I ran your Elizabeth's question that said, in part:

The converter plugs I've ordered from Apple aren't here yet, but now I wonder about the current. Can I plug all these expensive hardware into French plugs with an adapter, or do I need a currency converter? I purchased one, but it clearly states on the side not to use it with any electronics containing circuits, like VCRs. What does everyone else do?

If the equipment says dual voltage, all you generally need are the European adapter tips that fit over the American-style plug. That worked with the battery chargers for my digital camera and camcorder. However, Handspring makes a special kind of tip that integrates with its connector unit (I have a Treo 90). It actually serves no different purpose than the general purpose ones but it integrates nicely with their charger unit.

Although you might feel better calling the companies' help lines, I actually got misinformation from one because the techie had not travelled himself. The companies are well aware that they have to manufacture their products for people that travel between countries with different electrical standards.

Have a good trip.

Ira H. Bernstein Dallas, Texas