Subject: Re: Success! companion ticket
Hello All,

For whatever it's worth, we used to have the Amex Platinum card. It cost $300 a year for the primary card holder.

Very much worth the price if you fly overseas (we only did it company paid) occasionally.. say even once a year. While it's very pricey you can get a free companion ticket with one fully paid business class ticket. There's no limit on how many times you can do this.

Also included with the price are Amex's Memberships rewards, free VIP lounges, and other benefits.

Oddly enough, while we had this card, I found the Platinum card customer service less efficient to deal with than the customer service for the plain green Amex card which we have now gone back to as my husband's business trips are for domestic travel.

Chris in Pearland, TX (no financial interest in American Express)