Subject: Re: Southwest/Utah Trip
Hi Vanessa:

Since you want to be in Cedar City for two days (how wonderful that your daughter is affiliated with the Shakespeare festival!), I would just aim for Zion -- it is closer and you might as well spend time exploring instead of just driving. I can recommend a charming riverside motel in Springdale if you decide to stay overnight. But I have to ask -- is there a reason you would be flying into Phoenix? It is a long hot drive up to Cedar City and I would think it would be simpler to fly into Las Vegas. It's a much shorter drive to CC.

Having said that, I also agree that there is a lot of nothing (no offense) between Cedar City and South Lake Tahoe! And if you are travelling in the summer, it will truly be hot as blazes. Your basic road choices are to go up to 50 or 80 or back to Vegas and take the road through Tonopah. (80 is the interstate and 50 is less travelled. ) Or fly to Reno and take the Casino Shuttle up to Tahoe. Check Southwest for good fares.

I congratulate whoever selected Tahoe as a reunion site -- it is beautiful and you will love it. Even with resorts and hotels, it is easy to find hikes with beautiful scenery and the weather is grand in the summer. You might make reservations at Evans Restaurant also.

Enjoy! Patti