Subject: Re: Crystal Bandana?
Hi Candice and Ziners,

The neck scarf is sewed together to form an oblong shape. The part that goes around your neck has crystals inside it, and when you soak the scarf in water for about 15 minutes, that part swells up from the soaked crystals. The effect lasts for several days before you have to soak it again. You tie it around your neck, and it feels very cool. It's not wet when you put it on, as the outside fabric does dry in a short time. The ones I've found are made of cotton, and in all different colors and designs, as well as solids.

Travel stores may have them (or you could check the Travel Smith and Magellen's catalogs), but I found mine at Longs Drugstores. They were $3.99 each.

When I'm in Rome next month, I'm sure I'll put them to good use!

Diana San Diego, California