Subject: Re: Driving from Edinburgh to Isle of Skye
Hi, Mike:

Lucky you, planning a Scotland trip! What kind of accoms are you looking for on Skye, & what are your plans while you're there? There's such a wide range of possibilities for such a small geographic area, it's hard to know what to recommend without a little more info. Will you going further north after Skye?

Now that there's a bridge instead of a ferry crossing at Kyle of Lochalsh, you can reasonably arrive at Skye at any hour & cross over. But it's not exactly motorway stuff to get up there. The topography has great gashes of lochs & hills, running sort of southwest to northeast, so when you drive from southeast to northwest as you'll be doing, you have to dodge around the lochs &hills.

The fastest way is to go north thru Perth & Pitlochry, then cut over to Loch Lochy & go to Invergarry & west. It's a long hard drive, but doable in a day. The other more scenic way is via Stirling, thru the Trossachs to Crainlarch, then overnite at Fort William. Lots of wonderful hillwalks near there, but mostly people use it as a stopping place on the way north. Then it's a reasonable drive to go up Loch Lochy to Invergarry & on to Skye.

There's also a ferry running from Mallaig to Armadale, some times of the year with car provisions. is the website for the ferry operations.

Gail In Eugene