Subject: Re: Driving from Edinburgh to Isle of Skye
Thanks, Winnie and others who provided information:

Can you tell me what time you left Edinburgh and what time you crossed the bridge to Isle of Skye (approximately). I am trying to get a feel for the timing. I had thought about staying the night at Ft. William. I have three destinations in Scotland this year. Edinburgh, Isle of Skye and the Braemar gathering. There is a lot of driving in between and I know that I will not have the opportunity to take in more along the way but this is just a first tour to see a few areas. I will be back to explore what I missed in later visits.

I am looking at staying at the Kinloch Lodge on Skye. Has anyone stayed there and provide any feedback?

For the Braemar gathering my wife and I are staying for a few days at the Kildrummy Castle Hotel which is a little northeast of Braemar (again any one stay there?). I was going to stay right in Braemar and was at the point of confirming my reservation from an inquiry when they told me they just sold the last room. That was a little too close. I kept telling myself I need to do this early but I procrastinated.

My stay in Edinburgh is at the Old Waverley Hotel very near the Waverley train station. I picked this because it seemed that we could walk from the train station (coming from London) to the hotel. It also provided me a place to rent the car that was close to walk back to and to return for the trip back to London on the train. Anyone done this?

I am still confused about the train from London to Edinburgh. Is there only one high speed train line and is that the GNER?

Thanks for the help. The trip is almost coming together.

Regards, Mike and Fran