Subject: Re: Driving from Edinburgh to Isle of Skye
Dear Mike and Fran,

When we went to the Isle of Skye two years ago we took the train from Kings Cross to Edinburgh. Because we were getting off the QEII we made reservations and bought our tickets through RailEurope ( even though it was more expensive than buying on site. The schedule was fine with trains leaving hourly, expecially morning and afternoon.

As for our driving time to Skye; we left Edinburgh about 9:00am (after promising to get on the road no later than 7:30am!), and we arrived in Ft. William at 1:00pm. We stopped for lunch and continued on to Skye, crossing the bridge around 4:00pm. Since it is light in Scotland until almost 10:00pm in July, it seemed a lot earlier. We drove back to Edinburgh to drop the car, and returned by train to London.

We had considered staying at Kinloch Lodge, but we usually don't like to take half board - although I would imagine dinner there would be very good. Hotel Eilean Iarmain ( is a bit more expensive and just a bit further down the peninsula.

Just a bit of further information, we love to eat and enjoyed three restaurants in Edinburgh. Martins (70 Rose St., North Lane) is difficult to find, but once there the food is delicious and you should definitely get the cheeseboard. We also enjoyed Mussel Inn (61 Rose Street) and Creeler's Seafood Restaurant (3 Hunter Sq., Royal Mile)

Hope you have a great time,

Winnie Alexandria, VA