Subject: Re: One thing you must have
Hi Tom Okay, you may have started something here. I would NEVER travel without a book. In fact, I take a book with me to the grocery store, on long walks, and have them in every room in the house. I can't imagine being without something to read. Even a dictionary will do in a pinch and because I always have a book with me, if I misplace my travelling companion, I'm never lonely.

Because this is a travel site, I'll add in here that the Rough Guide phrase books are great. While travelling in France (I speak French), I brushed up on my vocabulary by reading and translating every road sign while being a passenger in the car. You can imagine how popular I was after a few days. In Italy, the little phrase book helped me to ask our house owner for more linen, though along with the extra tea towels she brought an apron! Maybe I need to brush up on my pronunciation. Lucy in Toronto