Subject: Re: Baltic Region
Hello David.........Thanks for you input and great information. Tallinn is definitely on my itinerary. Plan to get there via train from St.Petersburg and then take the ferry back to Helsinki. Will check out both your ferry recommendations. Emailed the Hotelli Helka in Helsinki for availability and rates. (Their online reservations is in Finnish!!) I am single so I don't require much as long as it is safe. And will check out the Queens Hotel in Stockholm. Don't know which line I will use to get to Stockholm, the Viking or Silja. Checking out both also. I am aware of the Tourist Visa requirements the the support 'invitation' needed. There is a Russian Consulate in Seattle. Plan to go there this week and check it out. (I live in Issaquah, a suburb in the foothills 18 miles east of Seattle.) Getting my Russian visa and accomodations with invitation is my priority since it all seems a little convoluted. Thanks again for your help.

Don Seattle