Subject: cell phone rental
Hi Ziners,

It's getting closer for my departure to Nice for my studies, and travels within France and London. I would greatly appreciate if anyone who has some experience with renting a cell phone, and their experience.

Since I will be gone for so long, and with such an open itinerary, I'm thinking of renting a cell phone, does anyone have any recommendations out of their experience? I currently have a T-Mobile account, as you may know the USA uses a single band, and would have to get a dual band phone, which is $50 per month plus $l.00 per minute incoming and outgoing. The upside is I would maintain my current phone number.

I am watching for the most economical path, and also desiring to have connectability with family because I don't have a pre-planned agenda where someone could contact me easily.

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for gites, small family owned hotels, bed & breakfast, or rooms that I could check into that other Ziners have visted? I'm desiring to be in locations that are other than the normal tourist venues, smaller towns, especially the lavender fields, with a few of the special big cities, from which I will probably travel via train.

Naomi in Dallas TX