Subject: Re: Paris & Provence
Dear Sandy,

We did Paris and Provence several years ago. We started in Paris for about 3 1/2 days (certainly not enough but ok to get a very nice flavor) and then we went down to Provence, TGV to Avignon - picked up our car and spent about 4-5 nites in Provence. Although distances between cities/towns seems short on the map depending on the route (scenic or not) it takes much longer than travelling the same distance in North America. The main advice is not to bite off more than you can realistically do and have the needed time to really enjoy sights including pausing for a coffee or wine in a cafe/bistro - watching people go by - wandering up and down the myriad of little streets in different towns and also trying in Provence to coordinate visits to towns with Market days. At least one market day must be experienced. We went to the market in St. Remy - it was great, bought a wonderful table cloth and napkins that we still use today and came home with wonderful spices as well. In paris the same thing - there is so much to see you need to make choices. You can't do it all in 3 days. Plan well and you will have an awesome time.

Carol Toronto