Subject: One thing you must have
Hi Ziners, I always bring my personnal bible. This bible is a notebook where I have written many useful informations on the country and the cities we will visit (historic informations,what to see,where to stay,where to eat,etc.). When it is possible to find I have also copies of the maps of the cities to visit. So my bible is the summary of my readings and researchs in many travel books.(many hours of work) I always make copies of these documents that CÚcile brings in her backpack. In my notebook I have also many important and useful phone numbers:Air line company,insurance company,credit card office,my travel agent,canadian embassy,Canada Direct). I write the number of my credit card in a manner that only me can understand. I have a travel guide book as Lonely Planet or Le Guide du Routard for exemple.

Bon voyage

Marc Hawey Quebec city