Subject: Re: Getting to Greece and new airport hotel
Hi Lucy, We just returned from Greece. We were scheduled on Olympic to Kos - but changed and went to Rhodes with Aegean Airlines instead -- Check them out - They have many, many more fligts ( At the moment, you cannot book from the USA or probably Canada, but you can do so by calling them (phone # on net) or on the net directly. The flights are wonderful and we will try to use them in the future.

There are many charters from London, Munich and, I believe, Frankfurt as well as other cities within Germany, England and Holland. (Check out LHU, Easy Jet, Conair and Ryanair -- These were mentioned to use from Europeans while we were in Greece and I saw them on the departure boards... while checking our flights) I'm not sure how to get them exactly, but we will try next year as they fly from these cities and go directly to the larger islands - Crete, Rhodes, Santorini and maybe even Karpathos. This way we would save time by bypassing Athens --

Incidentally, if you don't mind blowing what it cost you for 2 - 3 weeks in Greece, I would recommend staying at the airport at the new Sofitel Hotel. That is, if you have an early flight back home the next day. They are directly (and I mean directly) opposite the Terminal at the new airport and all you do is collect your luggage, put it in a trolly and walk across the street to the hotel. It's that simple. Upon departure, the bell hop will put your bags into a trolly again and.. voila, you walk back across the street to the airport terminal. It's big bucks, but we were exhausted and it was worth the absolutely no hassle factor to us.

I'm sorry that I can't be of more help in this area. Good luck Susie Newton, MA