Subject: Touring friends and family
Hello Ziners,

I remember a recent post that discussed touring in one`s own town. But what do you do when you have family and friends coming to visit you? I can give you much more details next week after my family comes to visit me from Dallas. Just a reminder in case you dont know me, I am an English teacher in Japan. Of course I am excited but at the same time I am a bit stressed because I know I`ll have to play tour guide and I dont have a vacation next week. I`ll have 2 weekends to help and the evenings (They`ll be here 10 days). Unfortunately, I have a family who isn`t good with maps so I cant just give them a map, point, and say go here. My parents don`t know Japanese either (and I am just learning the basics). Well, I think this is more of a rant than anything, but I am interested to hear what people have done when they have visitors from out of town.