Subject: Re: Touring friends and family
Hi Adam, The suggestion of renting a student for a time to take your family around is a wonderful idea. Your student would polish his/her English skills and your family would be treated to insider information on what to see and do.

My suggestion is based on recent experience. My sister and her family came to visit over the Easter Weekend. We were four adults and three teenage boys. I checked out the Toronto tourist information sites beforehand, made a list of attractions with opening and closing times, admission prices, etc. and planned to play tourist myself. As a result, I had fun too visiting spots I'd normally pass by on my daily routine. One tip - we ate lunches at restaurants I'd never been to and discovered new places in my own city. Lunch is always cheaper than dinner out. By the end of the day we were all tuckered out and came home to family dinners just like when we were kids.

Remember that you're supposed to enjoy the visit as much as your visitors. Looking forward to your report on how it works out. Lucy