Subject: Re: A gift for an Italian couple
Hi Paul What a great idea - to take something from your region. Crafts from the aboriginal population is a good idea but having been to Washington state, I'd say one thing that is unique to your area is your wonderful wines. Yes, it's taking coals to Newcastle because the Italians make fabulous wines, but this would be a new experience for them - try to find American wines in Italy! Take two bottles, one to share with your friends and one for them to keep and open later.

On a more cheesy note, pick up something at the Seattle airport before you leave. There are always local products - why not smoked salmon?

When visiting a friend in Beijing, he asked us to bring Clamato juice and celery salt, so he could make Bloody Caesars for his Chinese friends to taste, and President's Choice chocolate chip cookes (only available in Canada). Lucy