Subject: Re: Perth AU
Hello Patti Your husband could take a day trip to Nambung National Park (sometimes called The Pinnacles). This is a sand dune area with the dunes blown away over quite a large expanse leaving stone pillars standing. Can do it with a four wheel drive touring company and go to the park along the coast via sand tracks and then back to Perth along the normal inland route. It will be a longish day but well worth it. Just taking a slow day in Fremantle is also quite nice. He could take in the new Maritime Museum and see the boat that originally took the America's Cup away from the New York Yacht Club. If that interests him. For me more interesting is the old Maritime Museum which has lots of artefacts from Dutch and English shipwrecks on our inhospitable coast. If you need to know more you could advise what your husband's interests are and perhaps we can give some more targetted advice. BTW if anyone tries to talk him into taking a day trip to Wave Rock I would strongly advise against it. Its a long drive (some 350 km one way) and the rock is not all that interesting.

Gerrit from Perth