Subject: Re: Short term apartments in Mexico...
Hi John,

I'm not aware of an Untour-style program that offers trips to Mexico. However, it really shouldn't be that difficult to put together an itinerary for a one or two week stay in Guadalajara and its environs. In addition to Guadalajara you could visit the Bajío cities of Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, and Querétaro. Or if you prefer the beach you could head down to Manzanillo, the Costa Alegre (Melaque and Barra de Navidad), or Puerto Vallarta. On the way there you could stop off for a day or two in Colima. Transportation would be relatively easy on first-class buses and taxis. Accomodations could range from hotels to B& B's to rental properties.

Obviously, this is a bit more work than Untours but from personal experience I can tell you a visit to this part of Mexico is well worth it. If you're interested I'd suggest heading to your local library and picking up some travel guides for this area. My favorites are the Moon Publications and Lonely Planet.

If you're keen to put together a trip down there I'll be glad to help by sharing previous experience.

John in San Diego