Subject: most and least important things to bring

I have a couple of things I never travel without. One is a small vial of essential lavender oil - this is great for hotel or B and B rooms - especially the bathroom. I put some on a tissue and wave it around and then leave it in the room or in the drawer with my clothing, and it freshens the air. It's tiny and goes right in my toiletry bag.

The second thing I've only used once, but it saved my life. I hike a lot and having a compass is essential. I am good with maps and never got seriously lost until a mist came down on me when I was on top of a mountain in Ireland. Not able to see even 10 feet in front of me, the compass was the only way to get off the mountain safely - dangerous cliffs to one side, gentle slopes to the other. As with the oil, it doesn't weigh anything and doesn't take up space in my day pack.

To add to the other thread, the most useless thing I've ever taken with me too many clothes!

Susan in Maryland