Subject: Re: A gift for an Italian couple
Hi Paul,

I think you're right about not bringing the italian's coffee. I saw that someone else has suggested tea and I agree that, that would be a welcome and appropriate gift.

In your desire to bring something from home, I think you're overlooking one of the best things of the Pacific Northwest....Salmon! I know that there are many gourmet places in Seattle that vacuum pack it for shipping so you wouldn't have any problems with customs. It's lightweight and not breakable. I'm certain that those food-loving italians would adore it. Perhaps even dungeonous crabmeat is vacuum packed for shipping? Maybe you could find some nice sourdough crackers to go with it? That would be a gourmet treat they can't get in Italy.

I disagree with the suggestions of bring artwork, sculptures, native american or Pacific Northwest knick-knacks to them. People often wince when they receive gifts of this nature because it usually doesn't fit in with their decor and they feel obligated to display it during your visit. Unless you know that they're particularly fond of something and are collectors of it, I would avoid a gift like that.

Candice NYC