Subject: Maybe moving to Paris in three months - Help
Hello Group:

First of all thanks for the great suggestions about my planning a trip to London and Scotland. The plans are nearly done but last week something truely remarkable happened. My company (Nestlé) called me up and asked me if I would like a position in Paris for three years with the ability to come back to my US position after that. I am waiting for the formal offer in writing along with salary and benefits description.

Now I have a big problem. I have no idea of the cost of living in France and lots of other questions. The office is in the Southwest of Paris in the town of Ville d'Issy Les Moulineaux. The office is near the Paris Periferique, so I am assuming that I would find an appartment in the general area. I am researching appartments now.

Has anyone done this and can they share the experience and needs for this kind of move?

Also, on a personal note, I have been with Nestlé for 10 years at a quality management postiion and my kids are grown and it would just be my wife and I. I don't know at this time what salary they will offer me but they did say they were hiring me for my experience. Am I likley to be offered less in salary based on some basic French salary structure difference? I know that this is a complex question and probably not subject to generalizations but I would like to have some idea if anyone has moved to Paris from the US and worked throught this so I can have some idea of what to expect.

Any assistance, experiences, tips and suggestions would be very helpful.

Best regards, Mike and Fran