Subject: Re: Compact Cameras
Hello group:

I have some practical experience with cameras as I travel with a tripod sometimes and take lots of pictures. The one lense I use the most (75% of my time) is my wide angle 18mm to 35mm. In fact, when I want to travel really light and still take my camera for shots, that is the only lense I take with me. It stays on the camera and all of it fits nicely into my small camera bag with my film. I find that in the towns/cities this is perfect for outside and inside. By the way, for inside without flash, I just set the camera on a ledge or chair and set the timer and get great natural light pictures. Inside shots are difficult and there is rairly enough light. Carrying a flash is cumbersome so I use this method a lot and it works like a charm - nice long exposures and everything is in focus (another advantage of using a wideangle lense).

My second favorite lense is the 70 to 200mm. I use this as a contrast shot when I am out in nature or the mountains or you just need some good closeups. I have a 35 to 70 mm wide angle lense but find that I never use this anymore. The other two lenses have always been perfect for vacations.

Best regards, Mike and Fran