Subject: Re: Maybe moving to Paris in three months - Help
Congratulations on your offer to Paris, Mike and Fran,

Although it isn't France, my son-in-law is on 3-year assignment for HP to Tel Aviv. He got a nice hazard salary increase. The term hazard does not apply to the volatile situation in the Middle East, but to the fact that one has been uprooted from home. (Cost of living differences are taken into consideration.) So the pay increase applies to any foreign country one is sent to. (It also applied to an Israeli family on reverse assignment to the US.)

The move included a leased vehicle, paid for by the company, as well as a rented house. A separate pretrip was taken in which to find a suitable house for a family of almost 5. (My daughter was 7 months pregnant when the move occurred.) HP would have helped my daughter sell her house, but they chose to rent it out through a rental over-seer.

The family, including the children were given 1000 hours each of one-on-one language tutoring with a Berlitz instructor, who comes to the house. Extra tutoring is also included for the kids until they are up to par in their studies. (Like many kids who come to the US from foreign countries, they had to learn the native language cold turkey and fast. Plus, my grandson had to start learning a second language, which is Arabic. Thus, 2 new alphabets at once!)

I wish you good luck. It is such a wonderful opportunity to learn about and immerse oneself in another culture!

Carrie, from Bardonia, NY