Subject: Re: One thing you must have
Hello Ziners, This is an interesting thread because some of the things that have already been mentioned are things I can't live without and some things I just can't imaging lugging with me! Funny how different everyone is.

The thing I found most useful on my last trip was a lightweight windbreaker that folds up into almost nothing. I think I wore it every day. Even on the days that it wasn't chilly or rainy, I wore it tied around my waist so I could use the extra pockets.

The one thing that I really could have lived without comes from a trip many years ago. In my early college days when my now husband and I were just beginning to travel on our own we would pack everything but the kitchen sink! We once brought tennis rackets and balls with us on a trip to Cancun. We rarely even played tennis but since the hotel had a tennis court...we brought them. Did we even take them out of the case? Nope! We're a lot more practical these days.

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