Subject: Re: Maybe moving to Paris in three months - Help
Hi Mike and Fran,

Congrats on the opportunity to live and work in France!

I don't have any personal experience, so I can't help you from that point of view. But I do have two recommendations for you.... Check out a publication called International Living ( I know they have a website as well as a newsletter). They deal with things like real estate, Doctors in foreign countries, etc.

Secondly, buy Molly Platt's books. Her best seller is French or Foe and another one is French Fried. It's easy and amusing reading and her insight into how to deal with the french are dead one. She writes specifically for people who will be working in french companies but come from other countries. She deals mostly with the Parisian personalty, but they'll be a lot of insight for you as well. I got her books very inexpensively on

Good luck!

Candice NYC