Subject: Re: Zine One thing you must have
Hi Ziners,

I never travel without my mini-pharmacy. This includes the usual first-aid items BUT with the following, I can get through almost anything while I'm on the road -dehydration salts (for replacing electrolytes after vomiting or diarrhea), Alka-Selzer Plus for when you're getting that I'm coming down with something but I'm not sure what feeling and Tiger Balm (good for sore muscles or joints, bad sinuses, headaches, earaches, sore throat (external application only)etc).

Carry your own OTC and prescription meds - especially if you are traveling alone and have no partner to send out find what you need. When you are ill is no time to start looking for a pharmacy and probably having to overcome a language barrier. Also, OTC costs overseas are usually EXORBITANT.

Prescriptions should be in properly labeled, original containers. Ask for the smallest possible container.

As a tour manager, I can tell you that I am NOT allowed to give out ANY meds. A manager will see that you get to a medical facility or go to a pharmacy for you. If you cannot rejoin the tour, you will need to make arrangements to get home. This reminds me of the one other ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL --- EVACUATION INSURANCE.

I have a friend that just had to be air lifted from Ghana to London. The insurance company sent a Lear jet -complete with medical staff and equipment- from Germany. Can you imagine what that would cost if you had to pay for it yourself?

Many good companies sell these policies. You can buy insurance for individual trips but by the year, mine costs under $250. It covers up to $15,000 medical expenses and in the US, it covers you when you are more than 100 miles from home.

Sorry this turned out to be more than one! Happy, HEALTHY travels. . .Harlene in Madison, WI