Subject: Re: Maybe moving to Paris in three months - Help
Hello Group:

Thanks for your replies. I know that Nestlé has a web site for expats and such but I just got this offer on Friday and have not had a chance to do any research yet. Nor have I seen the official letter that tells me my responsibilities or salary range or benefits. That is the next phase and I am just trying to anticipate and be prepared for potential issues.

My first thought was to see if anyone here had some experience and hopefully someone will be able to share some of their trials and tribulations. I know that this is probably stretching this user group a little and maybe someone knows another group that deals with the issues of relocation in another country. On the other hand, I am willing to bet that many here would like to make such a move in the future if opportunity presents itself and would be interested in following this process as it happens to a novice.

Looking forward to some stories and information exchanges. Mike and Fran