Subject: Re: Maybe moving to Paris in three months - Help
Mike and Fran, I have another book suggestion for you. (BTW, I envy you so much for this wonderful opportunity!)

I got this book through, and I feel it's a must for anyone moving to Paris. It's called, Paris Inside Out, and the author is David Applefield. He's an American who has been living and working in Paris for almost 20 years.

This book covers just about *everything* you need to know about living in Paris. France Today is quoted as saying, An intricate guide for adapting to Parisian life.

This is from the description on the back cover, which gives a sample of what's in the book:

Housing -- not only where to live, but how to find apartments, rooms, and houses to rent, buy, or swap.

Jobs -- tips on working in France, plus the ins and outs of French bureaucracy - visas, work permits, drivers licenses, etc.

Survival skills -- insider tips for phone, computer, and online needs; accessing health care and banking information.

Cultural immersion -- tips on French vocabulary, social practices, partying, cuisine, and politics.

Also, learn about the little things only a Parisian would know - the inside scoop on the metro, how to order in restaurants, even the nuances of cafe life.

Anyway, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much you need to know contained in this book.

BTW, the list price for the book is $19.95.

Diana San Diego, California