Subject: Re: GTG in Ottawa

Congrats on the first Ottawa GTG! Did Laurie happen to mention that she got a verrrrry strange phone call (well, actually from me!) as she was waiting for you?

The GTG in Boston was top-notch, but we couldn't resist calling the restaurant in Ottawa to say hi! By Linda's reckoning, it was the first simultaneous GTG in different cities. Laurie was taken by surprise, I suspect, when the phone was handed to her.

And big thanks to Mei-Ching for the great restaurant choice in Cambridge & GTG organization! Marino's is an easy walk from the subway, & easier still for out-of-towners to reach.

BTW, all my flights to & from Boston were completely full. Airports weren't too frenetic & security was more efficient than my last domestic air trip in April.

Gail Back in Eugene