Subject: Re: GTG in Boston
Hello, Ziners:

Why would anyone fly from Oregon to Boston for a weekend?

Well, Boston is one of the best places in the US for a visit, so add a GTG & it's more than worth the trip.

The Gainsborough exhibit, thru Sep 14 at the MFA is well done & that was a bonus. It's the centennial at the Isabella Stewart Gardner, one of the US's best little museums, & always worth a look.

There's live Celtic music at any number of great pubs, another bonus. Italian food & soccer updates are easy to find at the north end of Boston (Club Paradiso, if you want the latest on Italian soccer, even down to Serie C-1 events), along with some of the most mouthwatering bakery products ever.

Within a short driving distance are Lexington, Concord & Walden Pond. These wonderful historic sites are part of our national heritage & treasures in their own right. Vincent & Mei-Ching (our GTG planners from the Boston area) were kind enough to give me a quick tour of the birthplace of our freedom & I loved it!

It's easy to get around Boston by foot (ohmygosh, the National Freedom Trail is a wonder) or by subway. Don't drive, tho!

Gail In Eugene