Subject: Re: Compact Cameras
Hi Sandra,

You are correct in wanting a camera that goes from about 28mm to 90mm. Many of these cameras have longer telephoto lenses, but at the long end they are very slow and hard to handhold and get sharp photos. Often they sacrifice the wide angle end. IMHO, having 28mm at the low end of the wide angle range is more important than having 100+mm at the high end of the telephoto.

Minolta makes a camera called Freedom Zoom Explorer Ex that zooms from 28mm to 75 mm.

I highly recommend using ISO 400 speed film. You will find the extra speed a great benefit. And the loss of image quality is very small, certainly much less than the loss you get when the shutter speed is to slow and you can't hold the camera steady.

Another wonderful camera is the Olympus Stylus Epic. It is very small, has a very fastf/2.8 lens which will allow you to take photographs inside museums where flash is not allowed, and in the wonderful morning and evening light which is often quite dim. However, it is a fixed focal length lens of 35mm. No zoom.

Paul Seattle