Subject: Re: One thing you must have
Buon giorno Ziners,

After replying to the compact camera question, I realized that the one thing I must have when I travel is my Olympus Stylus Epic camera. While I use my 35mm SLR most of the time, the Epic is the camera I carry with me when lugging the bigger cameras about is not practical.

This jewel is extremely compact and will easily fit into a small handbag or trouser pocket. Heck, it will even fit into a shirt pocket. The lens is a wonderfully sharp and contrasty 35mm f/2.8 optic. Thanks to the relatively high speed of this lens I can take photos in the low light of early morning or late evening, when the zoom cameras can't. If the lighting is tricky I can switch it to spot-metering and make sure I properly expose the most important part of the picture.

Because it is so small, it and the photographer do not stand out when photographing 'interesting' people. It also takes a CR123 battery which provides it with plenty of power for roll after roll of film. And it only costs about $80 USA!

Paul near Seattle