Subject: Re: What's fun in Montreal?

In addition to the things that Gary mentioned, there are some interesting shows in Montreal for museum goers: a Vuillard show at the Museum of Fine Arts, and an exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Pointe-a-Calliere museum. To see these, I'm planning a trip with my parents during my upcoming visit to them in Vermont.

On a quick Web search, I see that right turn on red is now allowed in the province of Quebec, but not in Montreal; is this correct?

If I can be indulged this, I've had very good luck at my college's annual professional staff picnic. Two years ago I won a stay at a local hotel here, which my parents used when they visited me. Last year I won a Weakest Link game and got a DVD player. This year, in a drawing, I won the grand prize of two nights at a Marriott-associated hotel brand; I'll be using this with my parents in Montreal.

Andrew Missouri