Subject: Re: What's fun in Montreal?
Hi Andrew, Yes, you read it right - that is, right turns on red lights are allowed in the province, except for Montreal. It's a bit odd considering that Montreal drivers are in a class of their own, but apparently the logic is that the drivers view red lights as probably go if there aren't any pedestrians in the road, yellow lights as definitely go and green lights as go faster. This isn't a slight on Montreal drivers (I grew up in the city) but pedestrians (who cross on reds, jaywalk, etc.) have to be extra careful.

For Ziners who can't make the trip to Montreal to see the Dead Sea Scrolls, they will be moved to Ottawa's Museum of Civilization after the exhibition closes in Montreal in November. So there will be another chance to see them.

And, bravo on your winning the hotel stay. You could indulge in a lavish meal that will cost you less than the savings - or you could splurge and have dinner at La Toque in Old Montreal. It's considered one of the finer restaurants in Canada. Lucy in Toronto