Subject: family
Hi Ziners,

I just wanted to say thanks for some of the posts from last week when I posted about visiting family! I only had 2 weekends and some evenings to spend with them and that is what made it a little stressful for me. My parents flew into Tokyo, and I met them the next day (my weekend) and we had a good time there. We did a lot of walking and saw some areas I didn't see during my last visit. Then they came to visit my home in Hamamatsu and had a nice walk around. Today, they left to spend some time in Kyoto before heading back to Texas. It has been nice to see them and of course parents always want to see their son, especially after 5 months. They only had a guide the day before I got there, so I've explained to them life here and they`ve done a good job of getting around. Thanks for your responses!

Regards, Adam