Subject: Re: Wanted: A primer on Cruising

I like cruises though I look for different things on different itineries. For example, if I'm going on a cruise to a beachy place, say the Carribbean, then I like a ship with a lot of activities. Since I don't like the sun, beach or water, I look for a ship with a great gym and spa and some interesting afternoon things to do, like winetasting on the ship or horseback riding excursions in some ports. On this kind of cruise I like a big ship - though I never like a mega ship with 3000 passengers. 1500 is a good size.

On a destination oriented cruise, like the one I'm going on in 2 weeks (Spain, Portugal, France & England). I like a small to medium ship. Many of these ships can get into ports that the big ones can't so you get to some more unusual places. On this kind of trip, I still require a decent gym, but daytime activities become unimportant, because most days we're in wonderful and interesting places. This upcoming cruise on Oceania, we will also stay for 2 days in some of the ports, allowing us to enjoy the nightlife as well.

I always prefer an upscale ship with fine food, nice cabin amenities and good service.

Candice NYC