Subject: Re: Most Valuable Travel Tips
Don and Linda, thanks so much for the link to your e-mail page. I use Yahoo Mail when I travel, and I'm glad to see you have that as a link. I hope to get to Internet cafes at least a couple of times while I'm in Paris and Rome, so I'm sure I'll put the site to good use.

My travel tip (also cruise-related): Most cruise ships have computer rooms where you can access and send e-mail if you have an Internet-based e-mail program. They, too, are linked to the major Internet-based programs, so you don't have to pay (usually 50 cents a minute) for your e-mail until you're actually connected to the site. I've used this several times (on Royal Caribbean ships), and it usually costs me between $5 and $10 each time I use the computer, which isn't too bad. It allows me to clear out the spam and answer the few personal messages I get from people who know I'm on a trip.