Subject: Re: Single Travelers: supplements and tips
Hello Diana, I usually travel alone. Two years ago I travelled to France.

The first week I walked, alone, in Provence ... east of Avignon -- from Rustrel to near Avignon. When I set off, I thought I was meeting a self-directed group but, apparently, I was the only one who signed up. Having no sense of direction, I was shocked to find out, after arriving in Avignon, that I was a lone traveller.

I wouldn't recommend walking long distances in Provence in the summer as it is tres hot. As well, wouldn't recommend a woman walking alone for long distances in Provence. It wasn't a matter of not feeling safe but, more, the apparent oddity of seeing a woman, alone, in a rural area. I think it would be the same here, in Ontario, Canada, seeing a lone woman walking through orchards and along country roads, with a backpack.

However, my week in Paris (where I did not expect to meet up with anyone - hence, no disappointment) was fabulous! It's OK and comfortable to walk alone in a city (depending on the city, the area of the city, and with awareness). I had a grand time and am eager to return. I loved the experience!

As people recommend, do lots and lots of research. Look for things that suit you, hence interest you. I didn't do the 'check off list' to see as many attractions as I could but, rather, was amazed with some attractions complemented with lots and lots of walking in areas that felt good. I wanted to get a sense of them.

Re the single supplement, I would think I did pay the supplement in Provence as this was a 'so called' tour. In Paris I found a good deal in a nice hotel in an excellent area through the 'net.

If I can offer more ideas re travelling alone please ask. Regards, Linda London, Ontario