Subject: Another great GTG
Hi Ziners, Another fun GTG here in Toronto last night. Eleven of us enjoyed excellent food and wonderfully, attentive service at Da Gianni and Maria Tratorria. Considering the owners took over only four weeks ago, it was really impressive.

For any of you who haven't attended a GTG organized by Linda and Don, it's a great time. We played musical chairs a few times so everyone had the chance to mingle and chat about travels, food and anything else that popped into our heads.

Check out the pix:

The Boston visitors, Jamie and Susan, were enthusiastic about Canada, and Toronto in particular, and hopefully they'll fill us all in on their trip to the Great White North. Two of our company are leaving for the Yukon on a canoe trip. That will be an adventure and we all want to hear about that voyage.

And proof that the world really is a small place, we found four of us originally came from Montreal and I discovered that two of my tablemates know someone that I know!

Anytime anyone posts a GTG - go. You'll be glad you did. Lucy in Toronto

P.S. Susan had a really interesting question that I'll bet lots of Ziners have suggestions on. Two people want to go to Europe - one likes cities, one likes beautiful countryside. Both like water. Where should they go?