Subject: Toronto GTG
Greetings to all Ziners,

The Toronto GTG which was held yesterday on June 19th was the first one we were able to attend as relatively new members of the travelzine group. We had been looking forward to the opportunity to meet Linda and Don in person (after getting to know them virtually) and other avid and more experienced travelers. Since Don and Linda had chosen our meeting place (an Italian restaurant) we also anticipated that the food and ambience would be most attractive. It was a most enjoyable evening and, since Linda made sure that we all changed places twice, all 11 of us (see: had a chance to talk to everybody and to enjoy each other company. Ziners seem to be on the same wave length when they meet; not just because they share a common interest in extending their experiences through traveling, but also because they adhere to a family code of inclusive, non-hierarchical ways of relating to each other. We felt immediately at home and certainly plan to attend other GTG's in the future, whenever we can. On Sunday we will fly to Whitehorse for a 12 day rafting trip down the Tatshenshini and the Alsec. There will be no restaurants, hotels, or interesting human architecture ; just 250 KM of untamed wilderness, starting in the Yukon territories and ending up in Alaska. So there are no recommendations we can make at the end of this trip about places to eat or accommodations to reserve, but we will report on our experiences for those among you who are interested in wilderness traveling.

Thanks Linda and Don for organizing the Toronto GTG and best wishes to all Ziners.

Joke and Jos